The Potent & Miraculous MMS Solution

It is really obvious that anyone could have few questions before taking certain supplement or medication. It is to make sure of safety, effectiveness and awareness of any harm to our body. There are many frequently asked questions about MMS. Do you have any question?

Miracle mineral supplement is made of sodium chlorite, water and an activator. Is sodium chlorite is similar to chlorine? That is the first question about MMS asked by many people. Chlorine is usually used in cleaning and in production of plastic. It is a very strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant. It usually used to sanitize swimming pool and supply of water. Sodium chlorite is used in bleaching textiles, water and pulp. It is the one that used to sanitize municipal water. It is used to disinfect fruits, vegetables and meats. Sodium chlorite is a component in some mouthwash, mouth sprays, eye drops, toothpaste, gels and cleaning solution for contact lens. As you see, chlorine and sodium chlorite have almost the same effect and uses. Miracle mineral supplement is different when sodium chlorite, water and activator are mixed. The product is chlorine dioxide solution. Chlorine dioxide is good in removing electrons in unhealthy tissues of our body but sparing good tissues. Unlike chlorine which is able to kill good and bad tissue of our body. Therefore, MMS and chlorine may have similarity in some factors but they are different in some ways. The results are different and MMS is better than chlorine.

When taken orally, for how does MMS stay in the body? MMS doesn’t A Close up of a Bacterium...stay long. It may take two to three hours, then slowly breakdown into harmless metabolites. After taking MMS, some may vomit because of the effect of taking out toxins that causing illnesses. It may go out in your urine or stool. Is MMS tastes good or not? The taste of MMS is not so good. That’s why, an activator like fresh juices can help fight bad taste. Just make sure to use juices without ascorbic acid or vitamin c. It is against in the mechanics of MMS. It is a little bit hard to find one but you can make your own apple juice at home. Is there a problem with dental amalgams when using MMS? Hydrogen peroxide slowly breakdown amalgams but not MMS. It won’t harm dental amalgams because it can’t oxidize metals. This means that MMS is safe to any dental amalgams. No need to worry about. It may interest you to know that a good place to go & learn a little more about this amazing product is at

How to avail MMS? It is a little bit difficult to buy MMS when you don’tA BAD Guy - Chlorine Dioxide will get it! know the store. Buying MMS online is possible using paypal account, credit or debit card or deposit directly to bank details. Paypal is considered one of a safest way to purchase online. Is MMS offered money back guarantee? The answer is yes. MMS believed in customer’s right. If in some reason, customer is not happy with the product, he/she can return it within 14 days of purchased. MMS will provide the whole refund. That is how they treat their valued customers. There are many reasons why choose MMS.