carbon 60 olive oil

Uses of C60 Oil

C60 is a small-sized molecule that’s composed of sixty carbon atoms. It’sCarbon 60 Molecule. also referred to as buckyballs, and fullerene. C60 is an inert compound that doesn’t dissolve in water but rather in oil. Once dissolved in oil, is nontoxic and extremely stable making it suitable human consumption. As a results of the distinctive structure of C60, there are various studies on its potential applications. Below are some ways in which in which C60 may be used.

As an anti-inflammatory agent
C60 has been shown to inhibit allergic responses and will probably stop inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, asthma, and degenerative disorder by preventing the rising levels of immunoglobulin E and also the production of amino alkane.

Helps in Cancer Treatment
A 2011 study has shown that C60 in solution and at a dose of 5mg/kg repressed a transplanted lung cancer tumor from growing. It additionally showed an anti-metastatic impact of about to forty eight percent.
According to another study in a 2009 publication, C60 was reported to possess a possible impact on regrowth of hair. This is often promising particularly in terms of countering the chemotherapy effects.
It additionally portrays potential anti-viral effects. It will effectively penetrate the virus gap therefore preventing the replication of viruses significantly in cases of CMV and HIV.

Fights obesity
C60 is a Potent Anti oxidant...C60 will doubtless help people who are coping with obesity. It’s been well-tried that when in shark-liver oil, C60 will help stop a rise in the size of the fat cells. It’s going to also help inhibit the cells from multiplying.

Skin Rejuvenation
C60 has been found to assist shield the skin against aging. Manufacturers incorporate little amounts of the fullerene into skin creams. Once mixed with skin lotion, C60 will help prevent the skin against sunburn. However one ought to apply the lotion before they get exposed to the ultraviolet light rays.

Fights against Neurodegenerative illness
C60, in addition to its powerful inhibitor properties, will easily penetrate the cells. The convenience at which the molecules will penetrate the cells makes it the most effective means of getting rid of the intracellular free radicals that exist inside the cells. This way, it becomes a possible fighter against neurodegenerative sickness. To learn / purchase more about carbon 60 olive oil you will do well checking this website out here
C60 also encompasses a small size enabling it to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is often an attribute that would result in its applications within the medical field. This may be through the development of new components that may be channeled to and utilized by the brain. During this case, C60 is emerging to be a possible treatment for a range of neuronal conditions.
C60 can be used as a vigorous part in the treatment of Alzheimer’s treatment. Analysis has shown that fullerene has the power to combat the breakup of beta-amyloid super molecule and deterioration of the neurons within the hippocampus. This poses it as a potent ingredient to the development of new cerebral medication that use both the anti-aggregant and antioxidant properties.
There are several alternative studies that are being conducted on the potential application of C60. However up to this far, C60 may be a solution that’s widespread and people are starting to embrace its use for its various advantages.

The Amazing Supplement – The Miracle Mineral…

Since the beginning, there are a lot of cases, reported and unreported, that pertains to poisoning. Poisons are chemical substances that if ingested by the human body, can cause to irregular bowel movement, burns around internal organs, difficulty of breathing, chest pains, and worst, death. And one of the most dangerous case is the Mercury poisoning.

Mercury is a type of metal that is widely used around the world in anyChlorine Dioxide is a VERY Potent Anti Pathogenic Compound. areas of living. You can find mercury in companies that produces batteries and explosives, laboratories of chemicals, and even dental laboratories and hospitals. Though mercury is known to be poisonous, it is still used because it is undeniably a helpful element to produce useful products.

Mercury is proven to be very dangerous to us human beings and much more to animals. It is not harmful unless it is ingested so it is advised to be very careful in handling mercury and mercury products. One reminder that you should put in mind is that when choosing toys especially for babies, always check at the back if the manufacturer has put it some mercury. Since babies are known to put thing that they get into their mouth, toys with mercury will surely give harm to your baby. Another thing, double check the packaging of your food. It may contain traces of mercury. We should always be careful rather than resulting to death.

Someone who is believed to have ingested mercury and was poisoned will experience some peripheral neuropathy such as itching, discoloration of the skin, burning, swelling or peeling of the skin, and pain. Aside from those signs and symptoms, here are some more of them that are resulted from mercury poisoning.

  • Cheeks, lips, and nose becomes red
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of nails or teeth
  • Light sensitivity
  • Weakness of the muscles

If mercury poisoning arise, one very helpful and very reliable way of getting out from its harmful and dangerous effects is by the use of chlorine dioxide. You may not have heard about it but it is a very trustworthy product for several diseases and health cases. One of its effects is detoxification. It flushes out toxins out of your body. Be sure to learn more about the chlorine dioxide molecule at Those harmful products inside you can give you diseases and other negative effects to your body. Having ingested mercury, a very dangerous product to human’s health, drinking MMS or what they call the Miracle Mineral Supplement will surely help someone out from death.

We should be health conscious. We should take health foods to sustain our health and maintain a very good living. We should eat enough and the right foods. Mercury is not one of those we need. We should not allow it to enter our system, we should let it out and flush them away. With Miracle Mineral Supplement, you can flush out that harmful chemical. Also, you can get more beneficial effect to your body. It does not only takes away mercury but every bad chemicals or toxins out from your system ensuring your body to be clean and healthy.

Benefits of the Resveratrol Supplement

How Does Resveratrol Work, & could it be what you have been looking for?

Resveratrol is a compound that is found in cranberries, raspberries, peanuts, pine trees and red grape skin. It is created as a defense-response to combat bacteria and pathogens that attack the fruits/plants. In this sense, it is a natural antibiotic. It gained significance after scientists investigated into the “French Paradox” which was named such because the French people ate a high fat diet and yet had a low incidence of heart disease. Researchers concluded that this could be Trans Resveratrol is a VERY Potent Anti Oxidant...because the French people consumed a lot of red grape
products, and in particular, red wine. Before reading too much further there are some quality trans resveratrol supplements that you should know about, so have a look at the link above. Read more about this amazing product at

So, how does Resveratrol work? Many scientific studies and experiments have proved beyond doubt that it is a powerful compound that has anti-cancer, anti-aging and cardio-protecting properties. Here’s the lowdown on how each scientific study has established the compound’s functionality:

1. Resveratrol directly impacts the enzyme Sir2, a non mammalian enzyme, and helps extend the lifespan of non mammals. Likewise, it is believed that Resveratrol will similarly impact SIRT1, an enzyme that is present in mammals, and which is the equivalent of Sir2. Therefore, researchers conclude that Resveratrol will also help extend human life. To learn a little more about the side effects of resveratrol then read up here.

2. Scientists at the Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School have discovered that consuming the compound makes people consume fewer calories. It is a well-known scientific fact that consuming fewer calories extends the lifespan for many species. The Harvard researchers found that consuming Resveratrol stabilizes DNA and activates enzymes that slow down the aging process. They concluded that the compound helps enhance the lifespan by as much as 70%. [1]

3. Another study by Paul F Glenn laboratories (also of the Harvard Medical School) proved that regular consumption of Resveratrol increased insulin sensitivity, reduced insulin-like-growth-factor levels, improved motor function and increased AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) of many species. These benefits result in a longer lifespan and also help many species on a high-fat diet stave off obesity. [2]

4. Matt Kaeberlein, a pathologist at the University of Washington, has established that Resveratrol prevents damage to liver tissue. He has concluded that the compound keeps away old age diseases by promoting the liver’s health. [3]

5. In another study published by Current Biology, it has been established that Resveratrol “reduces the expression of neurofibrillary degeneration in the brain” of short-lived seasonal fish. Fish that were fed on Resveratrol went on to live longer than fish that were fed a normal diet. The researchers also discovered that the compound also protects many species from ischema and neurotoxicity. [4] For further info check out the link

6. The Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Burgundy, has proved that Resveratrol is anti-cancerous. The compound stops the process of tumor initiation, stops tumor progression, and overturns the final steps of carcinogenesis [5]. Many other scientific studies have concluded that the compound helps promote heart health, is anti-inflammatory, and keeps Type 2 Diabetes at bay.

This is how the magical compound Resveratrol works and helps many species live longer and healthier on Planet Earth.


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Benefits of the MMS Supplement

MMS Supplement & Cleansing

Many people in this day and age are quite ignorant about how the body works and how important it is to be able to feed the body on a nutritional level. It is rarely noted that cleansing is much more effective if the body is free of parasites – & the best way to do this is with a product called the MMS Supplement, or commonly known as the miracle mineral supplement. The active component within this product is called chlorine dioxide, & is literally deadly to ALL parasites, bacteria & fungal issues. There is the great many people in societies all around theFruits & Vegetables are important for Good health planet, that eat types of foods that we at the healthy Institute in New York would classify as stodge.

We all tend to take the bodies that we were given for granted. Most people rarely give much thought to the fact that the body is a very complicated biological machine that has many thousands and most likely millions of processes that have to take place on a daily basis. These many processes that the body must do on a moment to moment basis to continue to live and stay alive, need a certain amount of nutritional supplementation to continue to function on an optimal level.

The body is such an amazing biological computer and far more complex and powerful than the most sophisticated computers on the planet today, that it is strange to think and realize that most people only tend to abuse the amazing vehicle that they are inhabiting. There is a growing awareness in many people around the world at this point in time of the fact that diet and what we eat is very important to one’s general health. This has led to many people demanding that there is a organics section in the supermarket. A man by the name of Jim Humble discovered the Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS product, & it has been around for perhaps 10 years now.

The real key to staying healthy and young is too primarily eat foods that are not too processed and cooked. It has been observed that people who begin eating primarily a raw diet early in life and continue to eat that way for many decades, will age very slowly in comparison to those people who eat a regular conventional diet consisting of cooked food that is usually high in sugar and fat. These people who have realized the importance of a diet that has minimal impact on the body will tend to be beacons of health and vitality which is very obvious by looking at these people who have lived this type of lifestyle for a long period of time. Learn about the potency of chlorine dioxide (the active component within the MMS Supplement)

In contrast to a person who primarily for the majority if not all of their lives have been a diet that is quite conventional consisting of lots of meat, bread, pasta, potatoes, sweets and ice cream will tend to come down with all manner of health complications within a relatively short number of years. People who eat this way will start to age quite visibly by their early 30s and will only rapidly declining from there. Read about a woman who eats all raw, and is also a professional athele

The importance of raw foods cannot be understated and there has been much scientific research conducted with people who have lived on a calorie restricted diet and also eat-in mainly a fresh raw diet. These people also tend to be very aware of the nutrition and therefore will supplement with many of the good products that you can purchase in a good health food store.

So my advice to anyone who may be reading this article is to become a little bit more educated about how the body operates and what it requires to run in a balanced and optimal level with peak health.

The Potent & Miraculous MMS Solution

It is really obvious that anyone could have few questions before taking certain supplement or medication. It is to make sure of safety, effectiveness and awareness of any harm to our body. There are many frequently asked questions about MMS. Do you have any question?

Miracle mineral supplement is made of sodium chlorite, water and an activator. Is sodium chlorite is similar to chlorine? That is the first question about MMS asked by many people. Chlorine is usually used in cleaning and in production of plastic. It is a very strong oxidizing agent and disinfectant. It usually used to sanitize swimming pool and supply of water. Sodium chlorite is used in bleaching textiles, water and pulp. It is the one that used to sanitize municipal water. It is used to disinfect fruits, vegetables and meats. Sodium chlorite is a component in some mouthwash, mouth sprays, eye drops, toothpaste, gels and cleaning solution for contact lens. As you see, chlorine and sodium chlorite have almost the same effect and uses. Miracle mineral supplement is different when sodium chlorite, water and activator are mixed. The product is chlorine dioxide solution. Chlorine dioxide is good in removing electrons in unhealthy tissues of our body but sparing good tissues. Unlike chlorine which is able to kill good and bad tissue of our body. Therefore, MMS and chlorine may have similarity in some factors but they are different in some ways. The results are different and MMS is better than chlorine.

When taken orally, for how does MMS stay in the body? MMS doesn’t A Close up of a Bacterium...stay long. It may take two to three hours, then slowly breakdown into harmless metabolites. After taking MMS, some may vomit because of the effect of taking out toxins that causing illnesses. It may go out in your urine or stool. Is MMS tastes good or not? The taste of MMS is not so good. That’s why, an activator like fresh juices can help fight bad taste. Just make sure to use juices without ascorbic acid or vitamin c. It is against in the mechanics of MMS. It is a little bit hard to find one but you can make your own apple juice at home. Is there a problem with dental amalgams when using MMS? Hydrogen peroxide slowly breakdown amalgams but not MMS. It won’t harm dental amalgams because it can’t oxidize metals. This means that MMS is safe to any dental amalgams. No need to worry about. It may interest you to know that a good place to go & learn a little more about this amazing product is at

How to avail MMS? It is a little bit difficult to buy MMS when you don’tA BAD Guy - Chlorine Dioxide will get it! know the store. Buying MMS online is possible using paypal account, credit or debit card or deposit directly to bank details. Paypal is considered one of a safest way to purchase online. Is MMS offered money back guarantee? The answer is yes. MMS believed in customer’s right. If in some reason, customer is not happy with the product, he/she can return it within 14 days of purchased. MMS will provide the whole refund. That is how they treat their valued customers. There are many reasons why choose MMS.